Cuban Corner
Own a Piece of your Past
After over 10 years of designing marine, nautical, & souvenir gifts and novelties, founders Frank and Bertha decided to design some items of places of their native land. With advice from friends and family and their own memories, the buildings and locations were chosen. With some help from their son Frank Jr., the designs were originally made by computer. Designs were sent to trusted painters who painted the pieces and made the picture frames.

Many who have seen the paintings all agree that this reminds them of their youth. Having these unique items in your home are a beutiful memory of the past and a chance at having your very own Cuban Corner.
Welcome to Cuban Corner.

In business since 1978, our parent company Mexart Imports has had experience in many Tropical and Souvenir items.

In this page we go back to our old roots and illustrate our new Cuban theme designs as Frank and Bertha the Company owners were born in Cuba and it's the land of their Youth.
About Us
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